Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold in Hurricane hit hotel

This is a photo of Mold found inside a hotel that just experienced a hurricane in Florida. Our Commercial Large Loss Division was able to travel to assist those in need after such a devastating blow to this particular community. Our team is licensed in Mold Remediation in the State of Florida and was able to help them through the situation.

Cause of Loss

This was the source of a Mold Damage at a retail store. Our team was able to assist this client with mold remediation and get their bathroom back up and running for their customers.

Dormitory Bathroom Mold Damage

Due to ventilation issues in a dormitory there was unnecessary moisture in several of the dorms. This caused mold to form over the surfaces in all bathrooms in the dorm. SERVPRO was contacted to remediate and correct the issue after the vents were properly fixed.

Mold Damage from Leaking Drain

Sometimes water damage can be unseen until secondary damage sets in. In this multi unit property, an upstairs shower had been leaking and caused the ceiling below to get affected. It wasn’t until spots of mold were seen that the leaking shower drain was discovered. They called in our team and we were able to assist with mold remediation services.