Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Office Space

Our Team was contacted by a local municipality following a localized flooding event. The flood water affected their entire building, with waters rising at least... READ MORE

Hail Damage Repairs

There was a localized hail storm that caused damage to the roof of our client's home and siding. As shown in the before photo, you can see multiple holes and cr... READ MORE

Wind Storm Damage

Following a local wind storm event our client had shingles blow off of their roof. This happened during the winter when snow and other forces of nature were sti... READ MORE

Flash Flooding Rochester, NY

After a flash flooding storm event this basement suffered water damage due to a sump pump failure. Our client had a partially finished basement with about one ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Basement Rochester, NY

Following a major rainfall event our client had suffered storm damage in their basement. Water, mud and silt had come in through their garage door, and the sump... READ MORE

Flooded Department Store Binghamton, NY

Following a catastrophic event a local retailer suffered flood waters of about 4 feet deep. Notice the silt damage to the carpeting and floor. The after picture... READ MORE