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Commercial Large Loss Capabilities

When it comes to fire, water, mold, bio-hazard or a major storm event...Our Commercial Large Loss Team will be there. We service upstate NY and surrounding areas and pride ourselves on being a professional uniformed Team with the experience, resources, equipment and quick response our clients deserve!

Storm Damage Emergency Response

Following a Tornado, a business we worked with was left without power and their property and merchandise fully exposed. Our Team responded with the man power and resources to handle the job. We established temporary electrical panels, temporary containment and fencing, and assisted in the quick pack-out of all contents damaged and undamaged for the company's inventory team. When the job was complete the client said they would recommend SERVPRO and the Team did a "Fantastic Job". 

Commercial Fire Cleaning

Following a fire loss that occurred in a commercial garage, our Commercial Large Loss Team was contacted. Pictured is our Team cleaning the ceiling on scissor lifts. Notice the extent of smoke damage- the ceiling was completely black from the fire. Our team professionally cleaned and spray sealed the ceiling for optimum odor control. 

Ready for Whatever Happens

SERVPRO is available 24/7 for fire, water, and STORM emergencies. Your local Franchise has Equipment and resources available with just one call. With a fleet of over 25 vehicles and 4 Equipment Trailers fully stocked for emergencies we are able to respond to you quickly, no job is too big or too small.

Fire Damage Board Up Services

Following a whole house fire damage, our Team was asked to come in and board up the property. Once everyone is safe and it is time to decide what to do next, call SERVPRO! The next step will be to secure your property for safety and security reasons until restoration can begin. We can provide emergency board up services of windows and doors, temporary fencing, and roof tarping.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Our Team was contacted by our client following a multi level commercial water damage. The client was concerned about how much the water affected the property. Our TEAM used Thermal imaging as a non-invasive way to detect moisture and determine the extent of damage in order to properly mitigate the loss and avoid secondary damage such as mold growth.

Specialized Drying

Following a roof leak that caused water damage to a gym floor, SERVPRO was contacted. There was an area specifically impacted, if this area could not be saved, the whole floor would need to be removed and replaced. SERVPRO erected containment and utilized specialty drying equipment to save the floor. Our client was very happy with the end result!

Pipe Break: Apartment Building

Our client called our office after having a pipe break in his apartment building. The break happened on the second floor, leaving the room below looking this. The ceiling and insulation become very swollen with water causing both to fall under the weight. Our Team was able to respond quickly and prevent further damage from happening to adjacent rooms.

State of the Art Equipment

Between our office and two 53' Tractor Trailers, our Franchise has nearly 1,000 pieces of equipment used for dehumidification, deodorization, water extraction, moisture identification and specialized drying. No matter the situation we can be there, no loss is too big or too small.  

Commercial Kitchen Fire

A fire occurred in a commercial kitchen causing smoke and secondary damage throughout the kitchen, dining area, and through other rooms of the ski resort. Notice the discoloration and streaking formed from high humidity and wet soot particulate.  

Vandalism Cleanup

Our Franchise provides a variety of services. Some of our specialty cleanup services are for vandalism, biohazard and graffiti removal. Pictured is a cleanup of a sign with offensive graffiti outside of a school. We responded within the hour of the call and started services right away.

Detailed Approach

Our team was called in to assist a local school district with mold inside their instruments, located in their band room. This was caused by high humidity levels this summer and lack of ventilation and knowledge of the growing issue. By taking our time and checking every instrument thoroughly, we were able to get these instruments back into the students hands for another successful school year!

Mold in Hurricane hit hotel

This is a photo of Mold found inside a hotel that just experienced a hurricane in Florida. Our Commercial Large Loss Division was able to travel to assist those in need after such a devastating blow to this particular community. Our team is licensed in Mold Remediation in the State of Florida and was able to help them through the situation.

Large vehicle fleet

SERVPRO of Broome County East has a large fleet that is kept in top condition to assist you in your time of need. We travel near and far to any size loss and are always on call to serve you. You're in great hands with our team of capable, knowledgeable and friendly production crews. They are always happy to help!

Continuous Training

This is our SERVPRO of Broome County East team training at our weekly meeting with the entire company. We take pride in giving our employees the best information possible to face different situations on a daily basis. We equip them with the knowledge they need to serve our clients the best they can.

Why SERVPRO? Because we are trained and ready to assist you anytime, day or night.

Cause of Loss

This was the source of a Mold Damage at a retail store. Our team was able to assist this client with mold remediation and get their bathroom back up and running for their customers.

Distribution Center Water Damage

This local sporting goods distribution center was about to open in 2 weeks and had a major water damage throughout the entire property. The locally owned business knew to call us in to make sure they were up and running quickly to finish their last minute tasks before opening.

Head Start Classroom Water Damage

We were called in to assist a local head start classroom after they suffered a water damage. This is what we walked into when we arrived to start the mitigation process. The teachers and parents were thrilled when we were able to get them back up and running quickly to continue their educational programs.

Air Mover Placement

Placement of Air movers is crucial while drying out a structure. This local dance studio was flooded and we had to get creative to save their flooring. We were able to angle the air movers perfectly to create air flow underneath the floor to begin the process.

Flood Damage

This is a photo of a recent flood damage locally. The creeks and streams around the area flooded many local businesses and homes. We were able to assist this town office with their cleanup and get them back to work quickly.

Dormitory Bathroom Mold Damage

Due to ventilation issues in a dormitory there was unnecessary moisture in several of the dorms. This caused mold to form over the surfaces in all bathrooms in the dorm. SERVPRO was contacted to remediate and correct the issue after the vents were properly fixed.

Mold Damage from Leaking Drain

Sometimes water damage can be unseen until secondary damage sets in. In this multi unit property, an upstairs shower had been leaking and caused the ceiling below to get affected. It wasn’t until spots of mold were seen that the leaking shower drain was discovered. They called in our team and we were able to assist with mold remediation services.

Commercial Hurricane Storm Damage

Following Category 5 Hurricane Irma, our Large Loss Team responded to storm damage needs in Florida. This particular resort experienced roof and water damage as a result of hurricane force driven winds and rain. Our Team removed saturated walls and placed equipment. With no power initially, high humidity, and extreme moisture within the property, it was important to have a quick response in order to prevent further damage.

Flash Flooding in Distribution Plant

After a flash flooding weather event this distribution plant found themselves with water throughout the facility. The business was under construction at the time and in a hurry to get the water out. Our TEAM was able to respond quickly, get the water extracted, and set drying equipment.

Commercial Fire Damage

We assisted a manufacturing plant following a fire loss. The plant had a machine catch on fire, luckily all workers were able to safely evacuate. Following a disaster it is our goal to minimize costly business interruption. Our Team was able to assist with the complete cleaning and restoration of all machines, contents, structural beams, walls, ceilings, floors and necessary repairs. The President of company felt all aspects of the job process was excellent and appreciated the daily communication.

Manufacturing Plant Cleaning

Our TEAM performing Fire mitigation services at a Manufacturing plant. It was our number one priority to make the area clean and safe again to work, and minimize the amount of business interruption that was to occur. Throughout the mitigation and repair process our client was very pleased with our daily job progress updates and ability to work with all parties involved to make the business whole again.

Tenant Vandalism

A Commercial Property Management called our office due to how they found a vacated apartment. There was damage to floors and walls, hording and drug paraphernalia throughout the rooms of the apartment. The Management Company wanted to insure the property was professionally cleaned and sanitized before making repairs for a new tenant. They knew to call SERVPRO and we were there to help!

Commercial Storm Damage

Following a local rain storm event this local business had extreme back up of sewage and drains in their restrooms. This affected majority of the basement sales area. They quickly reacted and called in SERVPRO to remediate the loss. Our team worked diligently to get them back to normal as soon as possible.

Hurricane Matthew 2016

SERVPRO has storm response teams stategically placed throughout the country in order to help home and business owners when we're needed most.

Following the flooding caused by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, SERVPRO response teams deployed to assist in the cleanup and restoration of the affected areas in the South.

SERVPRO of Broome, Tompkins & Tioga Coutnies Commercial Large Loss Division was one of those Teams!

Bowling Alley Fire

Our client endured a grease fire in the kitchen if their bowling alley. Following the fire there was smoke and soot throughout the 2 floor bowling alley. Our TEAM came in and was able to assist with the smoke and soot cleaning of walls, floors, ceilings, and every surface in between- including specialty mechanical cleaning throughout the bowling lanes.

Our TEAM received the call and responded quickly. It was a major priority from start to finish to get the business back up and running as soon as possible.

Commercial Smoke & Soot Damage Cleaning

Our Large Loss TEAM works to make sure every aspect is clean! Following a fire in a large church, smoke and soot affected every wall and ceiling. Our team used 52' high scaffolding to reach every ceiling surface. No Matter the size of the job, we will work with our customer every step of the way!

American Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign

We had a couple of our staff out assisting the American Red Cross's Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. Our team assisted ARC volunteers with educating residents on home fire safety, preparedness, and free smoke alarm installation.

Health & Safety Jamboree

SERVPRO of Broome, Tompkins & Tioga Counties hosted a Health and Safety Jamboree, featuring a Touch a Truck Expo, 10+ Health & Safety Vendors,  raffles, giveaways, car seat checks and more. All proceeds went to benefit the Mothers and Babies Perinatal network. A great time was had by all!  

Fire Damage Restoration

We helped a client whose rental facility suffered fire, smoke and soot damage in the peak season of their business.This warehouse housed thousands of rental items. We were able to quickly respond and clean the warehouse and rental items with minimal business interruption. At the end of the day the client was ecstatic with the result, professionalism, and daily communication and updates from our team.

University Norovirus Outbreak

We received a call to assist in the decontamination of an entire University Campus. It was important to the school to have a clean campus in order prevent further student outbreak. SERVPRO had the products and the manpower to necessary assist our client in a timely and professional manner.

Large Loss Fleet Expansion

We have expanded our Commercial Large Loss fleet with a second fully stocked, ready to roll 53' tractor trailer. We now can respond more quickly to your restoration emergency. We respond 24/7/265 to your fire, water, and mold damage cleanup needs.